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National Magazine Award-winning journalist Luke Dittrich is the author of Patient H.M., a book which tells the fascinating and sometimes troubling true story of Henry Molaison, an amnesic who became the most studied human research subject ever.


“It felt as if I read this book in one breath. Patient H.M. is a fascinating, powerful investigation, a matryoshka doll of nested stories about the past and present, remembering and forgetting. Luke Dittrich’s quest to understand the amnesic patient who taught the world so much about memory leads him to the shoals of his own family tragedy and an ending that will break your heart. But it’s his beautiful unfolding of the story, the art of his sentences and reportage, that you’ll never forget.”

Author of The Telling Room


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Luke Dittrich's award-winning magazine journalism has been featured in anthologies such as The Best American Crime WritingThe Best American Travel Writing, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing. Here you'll find links to a sampling of his work.